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Science 10 is the first high school-level science course. Successful completion of this course (≥ 50%)  will give you one science-credit towards your graduation requirements and it opens up an amazing selection of Grade 11 science courses!

There are three units in this course:

  1. Chemical Reactions
    • How do we know a chemical reaction is occuring?
    • How can we represent and communicate chemical change?
    • What influences the rate of chemical change?
  2. Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics
    • How do human populations impact ecosystems?
    • What is climate and how does it affect us (and vice versa)?
    • Why is biodiversity important?
    • How do relationships between living beings affect them?
    • How do biogeochemical cycles support living beings (and vice versa)?
  3. Force and Motion in Our World
    • What does it mean if an object is traveling with uniform speed and how do we show that?
    • How can we represent change in speed (acceleration)?
    • How is motion connected to force?