Energy and Mines 30

Energy and Mines 30 is a Practical and Applied Art that is modular in nature and is designed to give students the background and knowledge necessary to evaluate potential career options and gain some insight into the role of the energy and mining sectors in Saskatchewan: historically, presently and into the future.

The major goals of the course are supported by several foundational objectives:

Awareness: To provide students with an awareness of the nature, technology and  products of Saskatchewan's energy and mining industries, as well as the related markets, goods, services and processes that support those industries.
Environmental Stewardship: To foster positive attitudes toward and creative problem solving about, responsible resource management and environmental sustainability.
Connections between School, Work and Community: To create a connection for students between the world of school and the world of work and to use relevant community examples and sources wherever possible

In particular, Energy and Mines 30 focuses on two themes:

  • The Potash Industry of Saskatchewan: Students will explore concepts of geology, mining, refining, use and economic significance.
  • Alternative, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Sources:  Students will look at oilsands and offshore oil, hydroelectricity, wind, solar and geothermal energy as well as the application of alternative energy to everyday life, such as heating and transportation.

Course Prerequisite (None)

Course Syllabus