The purpose of Law 30 is to assist you to become an active, informed and productive citizen who knows and understands your legal rights and responsibilities. Through the course, you will develop an understanding of the concept of rule of law, and learn that the law reflects, and is shaped by, society's values and attitudes regarding social and human relationships. We will first explore the concepts of law and their origins and then look how they apply to current legal issues in Canada and the global community. The 5 Units we will cover in depth include foundations of Canada's legal system, criminal law, civil law, family law and employment and labour law. We will breifly touch on contract and consumer law, environmental law and international law. A major project will be done along side a final exam!

Course Syllabus


Career Development is a life - long process, and a comprehensive career development program is an important strategy to assist youth with school and work transition.

The aim of Career and Work Exploration 30 is to provide students with opportunities to develop and enhance the knowledge and skills needed to manage their life career development. The program consists of two parts - the in class component (covered in this course) and the work based learning experience.