Distance Education Course Credits for Grade 10 (10 Level)

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Accounting Man

The focus of Accounting 10 curriculum is to provide young people with practical business and financial knowledge and skills to function effectively in our changing and complex technological and market-based society.  The needs of all students for decision making, resource management, citizenship, career and personal planning and financial skills must be present in the curriculum. The areas covered include journalizing business transactions from source documents, handling ledger accounts, preparing worksheets, financial statements and making adjusting and closing entries. 



Course Syllabus.pdfCourse Syllabus.pdf

The ELA A10 Curriculum is theme based and therefore we will be studying two major units, The Mysteries of Life and The Challenges of Life, each with inclusive subunits.  The focus of ELA A10 is communicating with purpose, correctness, unity, coherence and completeness.  For more information, please see course outline.


Students will view, listen to, read, comprehend and respond to a variety of literature, and texts while exploring two distinct units; Equity and Ethics, and The World Around and Within Us. This course will provide opportunities for students to compose and create a variety of visual, multimedia, oral, and written texts to explore identity, social responsibility, and social action. For more information, please view the attached syllabus. 



The goal of the grade ten history is to help students understand the basic organizations of industrialized, democratic societies.  The history program uses the past to show students how fundamental social organizations developed in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


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Science 10 is the first high school-level science course. Successful completion of this course (≥ 50%)  will give you one science-credit towards your graduation requirements and it opens up an amazing selection of Grade 11 science courses!

There are three units in this course:

  1. Chemical Reactions
    • How do we know a chemical reaction is occuring?
    • How can we represent and communicate chemical change?
    • What influences the rate of chemical change?
  2. Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics
    • How do human populations impact ecosystems?
    • What is climate and how does it affect us (and vice versa)?
    • Why is biodiversity important?
    • How do relationships between living beings affect them?
    • How do biogeochemical cycles support living beings (and vice versa)?
  3. Force and Motion in Our World
    • What does it mean if an object is traveling with uniform speed and how do we show that?
    • How can we represent change in speed (acceleration)?
    • How is motion connected to force?

This is a crazy good Art Course!

The goal of wellness 10 is to help develop confident & competent students who understand, appreciate and engage in a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle

This course is designed to increase a student’s mathematical knowledge and critical thinking skills in areas that were identified as necessary for entry into some post-secondary programs, especially those that involve a trade, or for those individuals who enter the workforce directly from high school The topics of study in this course are problem solving, proportional reasoning, measurement, consumer math, trigonometry, and geometry.


Course Outine Workplace  Apprenticeship 10.pdfCourse Outine Workplace Apprenticeship 10.pdf