This course deals with the financial decisions students currently face or will face in their near future. The purpose is to develop informed students with the habits, attitudes and critical thinking skills required to approach financial decisions with competence and confidence. Essentially, students will learn how to be smart with money. Modules will include topics such as: Decision-Making, Goals, Budgeting, Banking, Credit, Income, Lifestyle, Savings, Mortgage, Interest, Debt, Investing, Insurance, and Protection from Fraud.

This course will investigate the world issues from the beginning of the twentieth century to present. The consequences of World War One and the political responses that led to the rise of totalitarianism and eventually leading to World War Two will be addressed.  The Cold War and the struggle between two super powers and eventually leading to looking at Global Issues affecting us today.

Course Syllabus


This course deals with the transitions that students face as they journey towards being an adult.  Students will learn and practice practical life skills through the following nine units: Life Roles, Action Plans, Money Management, Career Planning, Self-Care, Conflict in Relationships, Parenting, Independent Living, and Review.

Life Transitions 30 Course Outline(2017-18).docxLife Transitions 30 Course Outline(2017-18).docx

Food Studies 30 will cover core mudules and several other modules of the Food Studies 30 Curriculum. Students will explore Canada's Food Guide while developing an understanding of the role of nutrients in each food groups. Students will maintain a safe and sanitary cooking environment while practicing safe food handling procedures. Students will review the principles of kitchen and baking basics and apply this knowledge in the cooking labs. Students will explore the cooking habits of other cultures and the investigate careers within the food industry in a research assignments. A parent or guardian will be expected to evaluate the lab procedures and all cooking labs will require a photo of the prepared product to be uploaded for evaluation purposes.