This course will investigate the world issues from the beginning of the twentieth century to present. The consequences of World War One and the political responses that led to the rise of totalitarianism and eventually leading to World War Two will be addressed.  The Cold War and the struggle between two super powers and eventually leading to looking at Global Issues affecting us today.

2015-16 Course Syllabus

Creative Writing 20 provides opportunities for students to refine their creative writing skills and abilities beyond those developed in the required English language arts courses. This course encourages students to see creative writing as a unique way of thinking, and as a means of constructing and conveying meaning.

This resource is to be used as a learning tool for Viscount students completing ELA 30 A/B.

Viscount Central School

Mrs. Christy Baumann - instructor

This course is designed for interaction among students in Viscount Central School.

MathA30 is an introduction to math concepts taken up in greater detail from MathB30, C30 and Calculus.

Math B30 is the second course of three 30 level Mathematics courses in Saskatchewan.  Students are introduced to many new concepts throughout the course.  Students will begin with the Probability unit then move onto Complex and Imaginary numbers.  Considerable amount of time is spent on sketching and analyzing Polynomial and Rational Functions, which was introduced to students in Math A30.  Students will also be introduced to Matrices, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions as well.  Students enrolled in this course will need to spend a considerable amount of time on assignments as well as participate in classroom discussions (News Forums).  This course is a prerequisite to Math C30 and they must have a 50% or higher in Math A30.